Reputation Campaigns

Reputation Management Campaigns

It cannot be overstated how important reputation management is in today’s digital marketplace. No matter how well you have run your business in the past, several negative complaints from anonymous posters – who may not even have credibility – could severely hurt future business. In order to generate positive reviews and manage complaints on the Web, Webimax’s internal team of experienced RM experts has implemented a core process that we are proud to say has been 100% successful in improving online ratings for our clients over the past four years.

A Webimax Reputation Management Campaign is divided into four steps: is divided into four steps: Analysis, Enhance, Displace, and Evaluate & Move Forward. The campaign is designed to address the current online reviews or listings that are causing reputation problems in the first place as well as develop a crisis management plan that will address any future possible reputation threats should they arise.

Step 1: Analysis

This is the planning part of the campaign. Our team will review your current reputation and determine what complaints and reviews are hurting your company as well as find evidence that supports and refutes those claims. They will then make aggressive pushes to generate positive reviews and statements about the company/brand. Finally, they will design a strategic campaign outlining the current and future position of the brand of the company.

Step 2: Enhance

Here is where we use our reputation management expertise to respond in a positive manner to negative reviews and help generate positive reviews in the future. This is the enhancement stage. Our team will design a “crisis communications” campaign that will address negative reviews and complaints. Additionally, they will implement response scenarios, so the client is trained and prepared to respond to complaints. Finally, they will respond to any neutral or negative reviews currently in the marketplace to show the client an effective resolution.

Step 3: Displace

Now that an enhancement plan is in place, we can attack the negative listings from another angle by pushing these results completely off the 1st page through the implementation of various SEO tactics on positive listings, which improves their rankings and displaces the negative post for specific search queries.

Step 4: Evaluate and Move Forward

The final part of a typical reputation management campaign is the evaluation. Did the campaign reposition the company as a reputable, problem-solving company? If so, the campaign was successful and effective. Once our team evaluates the success of the campaign, they will make one final clean-up of any negative reviews and complaints still on the search engines and help build the reputation of the company/brand even further to prevent the need for reputation management down the road. Once the campaign is complete, the client should have the tools and foundation in place to withstand complaints and respond in a positive and effective manner.

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