Reputation Management Consulting

Reputation Management Consulting

Many companies come to WebiMax with extremely complex reputation management concerns that they often feel are well beyond repair. These severe issues can in some cases require large amounts of resource to be able to truly address the problem with any hope of seeing resolution. In these sort of instances, WebiMax offers our detailed consulting based services to assist you in determining the process that will be most effective in resolving your reputation concerns.

Our consulting engagements are frequently lead by our Founder/CEO, Ken Wisnefski. This process typically involves a deep analysis of the existing reputation concerns and insight in to future negativity that can pile on to the current issues. In many cases, this can require the assistance of a legal team to help in overcoming these very detailed obstacles. WebiMax works with several partner legal firms to help in areas where legal assistance is required to meet our end goals of improving our client’s online reputation.

Our team of dedicated Reputation Management Consultants can discuss various options with you that include our customized reputation management plans as well as our specialized Reputation Management Consulting based services.

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