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Digital Marketing Tools

At WebiMax, our SEO experts are dedicated to helping businesses increase the success of their websites. With the free SEO tools we have compiled, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your website and adjust your digital marketing strategies to attract more customers, rank higher on search engines, and ultimately generate more traffic.

Free Tools Compiled by WebiMax

WebsiteAnalysis.com –WebsiteAnalysis.com is a comprehensive analysis tool that assesses your website’s most important metrics.\This SEO analysis allows you to learnwhat your strengths and weaknesses are and provides actionable data that you can use to improve your site. The report offers detailed Web analytics, including visibility on search engines and popularity on social media, in addition to other central site performance metrics detailed in the list below. You can visit the site to begin your comprehensive analysis and receive your free report.

  • Keywords – Search engine rankings for specific keywords
  • Onsite – Summary of technical elements that can directly impact search engine rankings
  • Back Links – List of backlinks that point to the website and an analysis of their authority
  • Performance – Assessment of page load times and any issues that may be slowing the site down

The PDF Report includes these additional details:

  • Crawl Summary – Our Analysis Tool crawls up to 200 pages of the website and identifies any issues that can impede rankings
  • Tag Cloud – A summary of the most common keywords
  • Back Links – A comprehensive profile of the links pointing toward the website and an evaluation of their authority

CompetitiveAnalysis.com – CompetitiveAnalysis.com is an SEO tool similar to WebsiteAnalysis.com, but we created it to offer comprehensive information and quality website metrics from your competitors. This complete analysis tool helps businesses to better understand their online competition so that they can be proactive in making improvements. In addition to offering detailed Web analytics, we have partnered with Dun & Bradstreet to provide in-depth corporate data on rival companies, including their proprietary Data Depth Indicator rankings. This information can be combined with the website reporting from WebsiteAnalysis.com for a full assessment of how you are doing on the Web and who you are up against. Thus, our SEO tool offers details ranging from rankings and social media exposure to link profile metrics and competitor corporate data. Visit this analysis tool to get your competitor assessment underway.

Google Analytics  Google Analytics compiles statistical data about your website, videos, social media sites, and applications and tracks where your Web traffic is coming from. It also measures conversions and sales. This SEO tool shows you how visitors interact with your pages, as well as how they get there and what devices they are using. With this information, you can make the necessary changes to your pages and marketing strategies in order to increase user friendliness and better attract and retain customers.

Google Webmaster Tools (WMT)  Google WMT helps you to increase your site pages’ visibility on Google. The tool provides webmasters with data and diagnostics regarding their indexing status, sitemap, site speed, keyword rankings, and backlink profile. It also offers resources to give you a better understanding of how Google crawls and indexes the site.

Bing WMT  Bing WMT provides reports, tools, and resources to help webmasters increase their rankings on Bing searches. With this tool, you can discover what is leading visitors to your site, find out what terms your audience most frequently searches, and view your keyword and Bing search rankings. This knowledge can reveal how you need to adjust your site to increase its visibility on Bing searches.

Bitly  Bitly.com is a URL shortening service that is useful for social networking and microblogging. Bitly converts links into bitmarks, which are ideal for platforms like Twitter that have character limitations. With Bitly, you can track how often your links are shared, viewed, and saved. It also provides detailed analytics for each of your bitmarks, which evaluate your links’ performance and traffic.

Google Trends  Google Trends is a service that shows you what keywords and topics are trending on Google searches globally as well as what’s trending by country or region. The tool gives you the option to analyze what news, images, products, and YouTube videos are trending within various industries, including entertainment, literature, food, and business. You can also set the time frame in which you’d like to evaluate and compare search terms (you can do several at one time). It’s one of the best SEO tools to analyze search engine trends and develop fresh, interesting content based on your findings, which will increase your site visibility and traffic.

Schema Creator – Search engines use structured data to understand the content in your HTML and produce better search results. Schema-creator.org creates an HMTL that can be deciphered by search engines without altering how users view your content.

Robots.txt Checker – A Robot.txt file is a text file created by webmasters to exclude a domain from a search engine crawl. The Robots.txt File Checker tool verifies whether a robot.txt file has been blocked properly and hidden from crawlers. You simply enter the URL of the robot.txt file you want to analyze, and the checker will locate syntax errors and offer optimization tips.

Shared Count – Shared Count is a platform that tracks the sharing statistics of social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest. It can track how many Facebook likes, shares or comments something receives and determine how many pins an image gets on Pinterest. With this great SEO tool, you can analyze the success of your social media strategies, compare your social media channels to those of your competitors, and determine what types of posts your users find most interesting.


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