WebiMax in Mobile Marketer on Twitter’s Fourth Quarter

WebiMax in Mobile Marketer on Twitter’s Fourth Quarter

mobile-marketerWebiMax CEO Ken Wisnefski spoke with Mobile Marketer from a marketer’s perspective about Twitter as a platform for advertisers.

“From the agency perspective we’re not inclined to spend a whole lot of money on Twitter Ads because their ads are such a quick hit scenario that brands simply don’t have the ability to either engage users or stick in people’s minds given the format,” he said.

“We do a lot of work on Twitter for brands that want their social media messaging managed, but Twitter does not see a dime of that.”

“People are on Twitter to hear from the influencers they care about, so from the agency perspective the best use of our money is to pay those influencers that users are already engaged with to promote a particular brand,” Mr. Wisnefski said. “Twitter doesn’t seem a dime of that money either.
“It could be a challenging proposition, but one worth looking into where Twitter injects themselves into that revenue chain by more or less partnering with their biggest influencers to promote brands,” he said.

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