Entrepreneur Couple Plan Valentine’s Day Divorce

Entrepreneur Couple Plan Valentine’s Day Divorce

JustWeddings’ Love of Marriage Silences Economy

Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, February 10, 2009 — Entrepreneur couple, Ken and Allison Wisnefski, are ironically throwing around the word, “divorce” this Valentine’s weekend. No, Ken and Allison are not separating from one another on this lover’s holiday, inversely; they are temporarily divorcing themselves from their respective businesses, and, in order to direct attention to their biggest success: their relationship.

Ken and Allison, married in 2002, have mingled entrepreneurship with their relationship from the start. “Ken started his first business,, that year,” remembers Allison. “He would come home from his day job and go immediately downstairs to the basement to begin his ‘second’ job. It was not easy for him in the beginning, but he did it!”

Allison got the entrepreneurial ‘itch’ herself last year and proposed her idea to Ken. “Allison planned our entire wedding. She has always loved anything involving weddings,” instructs Ken. “When she told me about her idea for, I knew I was no longer going to be the sole entrepreneur of the household.” Allison launched in October.

Like the entrepreneur couple, and (Ken’s second entrepreneurial venture) also reside under the same roof. “We work in the same building, but some days, you would think we work on separate continents,” explains Allison. “I sent him an email the other day with, ‘I want a divorce’ as the subject. He is sometimes lax about returning my emails, so I knew that one would get his attention.”

Allison’s choice of words is deserved of a grin given the time of year, but she was not completely joking. “Allison and I spend a lot of time on our respective businesses,” instructs Ken. “Sure, we are married, and even work in the same building, but the demands of business don’t leave huge amounts of time to spend together. This weekend we are “divorcing” ourselves from the businesses in order to focus on our best venture – our marriage.”

Making the division of work and home more blurry, Ken and Allison have two aspiring employees at home, their son, Alec, and daughter, Anna. “Alec transforms the kitchen into an imaginary office,” smiles Allison. “He must take after someone because he likes playing the boss.” When asked if his son is “company material,” Ken smiles and states, “I envision a different dynamic once Alec is that age. He can be the boss; I’ll go back to playing with my toys and spending time with my main squeeze.” is located in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. The site serves as a virtual wedding planner linking potential clients to wedding service vendors. WebiMax resides in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. The business-to-consumer site is host to other business ventures encompassing the wedding, vacation, entertainment, and home improvement industries.

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