Entrepreneur Eyes Sophomore Success

Entrepreneur Eyes Sophomore Success

Seasoned businessman launches next venture, WebiMax

Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, October 22, 2008 — Ken Wisnesfski recently launched his second business venture, WebiMax. The company has its sights set on making an impact in the business-to-consumer industry. Wisnefski foresees WebiMax as a central hub for several other business pursuits.

Wisnefski’s latest company is born several months after the purchase of Vendorseek, his first company. VendorSeek became a leader in the business-to-business industry by linking buyers of business services to qualified vendors. The lead generation company was sold in May of 2008.

“I wanted to do something different this time,” instructs Wisnefski. “I feel I made an impression on the business-to-business industry, and now I would like my name to be known in the business-to-consumer sector. I have the last six years of experience behind me, so I am ready for a new challenge. WebiMax and its subsidiaries are that challenge.”

WebiMax is the central host of other sites serving the business-to-consumer industry. Wisnefski plans on taking his lead generation experience and applying it to business divisions involving weddings, vacations, entertainment, and home repair. Wisnefski, a former collegiate pitcher, relates his confidence regarding his new business. “I’ve had time to practice my mechanics and get into a rhythm,” gleams Wisnefski. “Look for us to produce some impressive numbers.”

The thirty-seven-year-old businessman sees similarities in his recent domestic and business life. “This whole situation has a lot of coincidences. This is a time of new beginnings and goals for me,” states Wisnefski. “I am starting my second company at the same time as my wife and I are having our second child. My first company was in the business-to-business industry, and the second moves to the business-to-consumer. Our first was a boy, and now I have a newborn girl. I saw great success with VendorSeek,” mentions Wisnefski breaking into an incipient smile. “I still get a hug and kiss from my boy each time he sees me, so I hope both my ‘seconds’ treat me the same.”

WebiMax resides in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. The business-to-consumer site is host to other business ventures encompassing the wedding, vacation, entertainment, and home improvement industries.

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