WebiMax Appoints Director of Strategic Partnerships

WebiMax Appoints Director of Strategic Partnerships

Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, July 6, 2011 — Kenneth C. Wisnefski, seasoned Web Entrepreneur and founder and CEO of WebiMax, the top rated SEO firm in the U.S. and Australia, recently announced the appointment of Michael Brescia to Director of Strategic Partnerships.

“I created this position as a means for us to grow our business and partner with reputable companies, offering complimentary services to ours for our mutual development”, stated Wisnefski, who founded the company in 2008. “Mr. Brescia has an excellent reputation in various industries of bringing companies together in strategic partnerships“.

Mr. Brescia’s impressive resume includes 20+ years of working with business process outsourcing, developing call centers in the United States, Delhi, Mumbai, and Montego Bay in the accounts receivable and customer service industries. Prior to joining WebiMax in June, Mr. Brescia was the Vice President of Development Center and Offshore Operations at his previous firm.

“With the tremendous growth WebiMax has experienced in our short 3 years of operations, I see strategic partnerships as an excellent opportunity for us to continue to grow and expand our business, while at the same time, helping other promising young companies that are positioned for explosive growth (like WebiMax) grow their business in their respective industries”, concluded Wisnefski.

Mr. Brescia will also be responsible for expanding the reach of the company’s best-in-class marketing services by arranging re-seller relationships with other firms who want to associate with the #1 rated search engine optimization provider in the field.

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