close’s #1 Rank Reflects Landing Page Wisdom’s #1 Rank Reflects Landing Page Wisdom

Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, July 22, 2009 — is ranked first amongst the best search engine optimization companies regarding landing pages by WebiMax, an online marketing company, spent years cultivating their landing page optimization services. Company president, Ken Wisnefski, thanks great staff and experience for getting his marketing company the recognition. is celebrated by TopSEOs several times over. In addition to their first rank regarding landing page optimization, WebiMax is ranked as the second leading SEO company overall. “It wasn’t always a pleasant stroll to get here,” explains Ken Wisnefski. “My team and I spent years getting to where we are now. For some time, we did not properly optimize our own landing pages and our potential was not realized because of it. If your landing pages are not optimized, your pay-per-click endeavors will suffer. We are wiser for the time.” helps other companies with their landing page optimization and pay-per-click campaigns. “We have helped companies with a PPC budget exceeding $200,000 and with over a hundred, separate landing pages,” relays Wisnefski. “Properly addressing a large campaign can be intimidating. We bring our experience to other companies’ endeavors in order to help them realize their potential. They don’t need to ‘reinvent the wheel,’ they can learn from our past.”

Wisnefski and company’s scope of services envelopes every angle of the online marketing industry. WebiMax tailors their services to each client. “Each client’s situation is different,” explains Wisnefski. “Our services are not ‘one size fits all.’ Each client has a different budget, industry, and their own immediate objectives to meet. We work with them to create a plan specific to their short and long-term goals.”

Ken Wisnefski can relate to all of his clients. “I am trying to be a success just like them,” offers WebiMax’s president. “It is very easy to empathize with a client’s position; all the services they need performed, we performed on ourselves first. I know what kind of results they desire because they are the same ones I want to achieve for WebiMax. We’re on the same page.” delivers innovative online marketing, e-commerce, Web development and database driven solutions for our clients through the aid of our proprietary technology and industry experience. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of service and to truly partner with our clients to help improve their businesses.


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