WebiMax Founder Receives Additional Recognition

WebiMax Founder Receives Additional Recognition

Ken Wisnefski Named to Atlantic City’s 40 under 40

Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, March 8, 2010 — Serial entrepreneur, Ken Wisnefski, was recently recognized for his online marketing successes, overall business achievements, and community contributions. Ken is one of the winners of the Sixth Annual ‘Top 40 Under 40′ hosted by Atlantic City Weekly and the A. C. Junior Chamber of Commerce. Founder of, a search engine optimization and online marketing firm, and other industry-leading ventures, Wisnefski has been recognized in the past for the Philadelphia Business Journal’s ’40 under 40’ and ‘Best Places to Work’ awards. The entrepreneur regularly devotes time to sharing information and advice regarding his field and experiences via radio broadcasts, online content, and interviews.

The Atlantic City Weekly’s process is community-driven. Eventual winners are first nominated by neighbors and colleagues, submissions are then board-reviewed and approved. The board consists of A.C. Weekly staff and members from Atlantic City’s Junior Chamber of Commerce. The award celebrates entrepreneurial, driven, and inspiring area individuals. “It is an honor that the winners are nominated by business cohorts and neighbors,” smiles Wisnefski. “They know me best.” ‘Top 40 Under 40’ honorees will be officially celebrated later this month at the Borgota’s MIXX nightclub.

Ken Wisnefski maintains previously-won awards. Formerly headed by Wisnefski, earned commendation as one of Philadelphia’s ‘Best Places to Work’ by the Philadelphia Business Journal in 2007. In addition, the same publication celebrated the online entrepreneur in 2009 for its ’40 Under 40′ ceremonies. “I enjoy the recognition from locally-respected sources,” relates Wisnefski. “I conduct a lot of business locally though my online industry allows world-wide opportunities. It is important to support local business interests.”

Wisnefski has over ten years of online marketing experience, which he shares through a variety of channels. Ken is a regular guest on CNN Radio, writes online marketing and SEO-related blog posts online, and regularly speaks about an array of business topics with media reporters. Ken has offered professional insight to such sources as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Entrepreneur, and others. “I love opportunities to share business knowledge and experiences in order to help other businesspeople enhance their experiences.”

Ken Wisnefski currently owns and operates a number of online ventures including, a provider of a variety of online marketing services. Ken has over ten years experience in business and online marketing. Ken offers industry-expert advice on CNN Radio as well as online posts. Ken is available for consultation and public speaking regarding online marketing and search engine optimization.

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