Tag: Microsoft

Tag: Microsoft

Coming This Fall: A New Era for Internet Marketing

What do Google, Microsoft and Apple have in common?  A lot, actually; and following their respective developer conferences earlier this summer, several new commonalities have been revealed.  We now know that new tablet devices are being developed by Google and Microsoft and that Google and Apple are both looking to capitalize on their mapping software.  […]

Windows 8: The Most Social Operating System Yet?

On May 31, Microsoft premiered a “Release Preview” of Windows 8 on their website which features a downloadable version of the upcoming operating system with limited functionality.  Additionally, the release includes several applications that will be integrated into the new Windows environment; which is based on the “Metro” language seen on the Windows Phone OS.  […]

Microsoft and Facebook, Social Data in Search Results, & What It Means for Businesses

The push is coming, or has it already begun? The push from Microsoft and Yahoo (but considering Yahoo’s recent issues, let’s concentrate on Microsoft and it’s Bing search engine) to stand up to Google and offer formidable competition has been in the works for some time. Now, Microsoft is not backing from the challenge, instead […]

Researchers Identify Ways to Improve Credibility of Tweets

Have you ever wondered about the characteristics that make a Twitter account credible? If you are an SEO marketing professional, it is quite likely that you have, and often. Luckily for all of us, Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University took it upon themselves to conduct a study on the trustworthiness of tweets, and released a […]

How the Online Mapping Landscape Is Changing

Online maps are essential to our lives. We all rely on them to some degree as they have grown in relevance and applicability over the years. Gone are the days when checking online maps was reserved for seeking answers to curious geography questions, though. Now, digital maps are integrated into our mobile apps as well […]

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