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Call Tracking Services

May 31, 2011

Measure the success of your internet marketing campaign with Call Tracking Services by WebiMax. Call Tracking allows our clients to see which campaign is generating the most conversion rates whether it derives from search engine marketing, social media, or any other campaign we build for you.

How does it work? By adding tracking code to our clients various advertising channels (search engine marketing, billboards, yellow pages, direct mailings, PPC campaigns, local search, and others), you can see exactly which advertisement results in the phone call. Calls are passed through a proprietary phone system that store analytic information.

All of that information is available to the client because it integrates fully with the WebiMax Client Center and Tracking Platform. Our Client Center is a platform developed by the internal team of developers at WebiMax that fully integrates and reports in real-time the status of their campaigns.

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