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Google to Introduce a New World of Analytics

John Borkowski, March 28, 2011

Search Engine titan Google, plans to introduce businesses and consumers to a whole new world of analytics. They have joined partners with MasterCard, Citigroup, and VeriFone (manufacturer of point of sale systems) on using near field communication (NFC) support and mobile payments. Although the official announcement has not been released by Google, the following details have appeared in major news publications. Android based smartphones can be used as mobile credit cards by users swiping their phone at small units (designed by VeriFone) at checkout lines. This not only is the method of payment (partners MasterCard and Citigroup), but a marketing and analytics platform for businesses. Businesses will receive important information about purchases which helps them with marketing and ad-targeting.

Google is not expected to receive a cut of the profits from purchases, but they will be able to develop a new analytics platform that businesses will probably opt in to buying. Imagine businesses being able to see analytics of real-time purchases by customers. This is a dream come true idea for marketers. They’ll be able to evaluate specific marketing campaigns, gather information about age, geographic region, type of buyers, etc. As far as consumer privacy concerns, those issues will be addressed in Washington as the details finalize. Google has not officially announced this new initiative, only spoken about it casually in major news publications. We’ll post a full report on our official WebiMax blog once the announcement is made. . .

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