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The New "Contact-Us"

John Borkowski, February 3, 2011

Do you find yourself tired of manually entering the contact information of an important friend, colleague, or client? Here’s an idea for the new age, make yourself a QR (“quick response”) barcode! The QR code is a square barcode that can contain information such as your name, e-mail, website, address, geological coordinates, and even URLs. Being that we are in an era of the smartphone, and many phone manufactures including Apple, Motorola, Research in Motion, and Samsung already have scanning applications available for their smartphones, why wouldn’t you want to use this technology for all that it offers?

QR generators can be quite a challenge to find, however. If you were to type “QR Generator” into Google, there are 3.8 million results. Most of these are through a third-party website or company that can add their contact information, advertising themselves at the same time. Not bad, economical advertisement. But there are some out there in the marketplace that have the basic fulfillments most people would be looking for. Here is a quick and easy QR generator that gets the job done.

These can be added to a multitude of locations. Your e-mail signatures, your company website; enter the new era of “contact-us”. So now you may be asking yourself “ok I have the QR barcode, how do I scan it?” The Apple iPhone App store has some sufficient barcode scanners, some that are Free and some that cost consumers $.99. The Blackberry and Android smartphones have their similar apps as well. All of these will work.

The next time you find yourself manually entering a contact into your smartphone, don’t be bashful to say to yourself “can’t this person just have a barcode I can scan?” Now you will find yourself with more time to do what’s more important to you at work.

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