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Landing Page Optimization is Mandatory for All Web Sites

admin, September 13, 2010

Are you considering paying more attention to landing page optimization for your Web site? As referenced in this post’s title, landing page optimization is extremely important in order for search engines to elicit your pages to browsers as well as to entice consumers to make a conversion. A conversion can be a purchase or other behavior, which is described as the main goal for your Web page’s existence.

What most, smaller companies are up against is devoting the resources to orchestrating, implementing, and keeping track of statistics related to landing page optimization. To start, let’s briefly describe a landing page. In essence, a landing page is an electronic ad, which relays a call-to-action to consumers and Web browsers. If you were selling t-shirts, you may have several to thousands of landing pages relating to general or specific t-shirts. The landing page is the last stop of the sales cycle; the consumer is in front of a desired product and the landing page’s job is to ‘close the deal.’

Online marketing and search engine optimization companies can help your company engineer great landing pages, which will inspire desired responses from consumers.

Let’s take a look at some things an online marketing company can do in relation to landing page optimization:

Testing to perfection
What is the perfect ad to showcase your products and services? You may have many ideas and derivatives, yet you are not completely sure. Landing page optimization takes into account your target market and behavior of online consumers. Each ad must be structured to entice your target market, yet the process is still in a theoretical phase until it can be tested. A marketing company can engineer, implement, and test landing pages to ensure the best conversion rates.

Revisits other important pages
It is fantastic as well as the purpose of a landing page to inspire a conversion, yet what if even more conversions are possible? Many landing pages do not take into account the possibility of further, immediate purchases. Landing page optimization also focuses on redirecting consumers’ attentions to other pages, which may be of interest to a consumer who has already made a transaction. This can be done through additional suggestions or copy enticing browsers to go to another page within the site to make another purchase. Wouldn’t you want your landing page optimization strategy to involve greater potential for success? Of course, you would.

The call-to-action
Landing page optimization is inextricable from the notion of implementing a call-to-action. A call-to-action may involve enticing the browser to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, provide their email addresses, and so on. Online marketing companies are very willing to offer landing page optimization services due to the close relation to traditional marketing. Content writers and graphic designers join forces in order to orchestrate a visually alluring and convincing Web page issuing your products and services.

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