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Microsoft Claims Google’s Apps Lack Certification

Posted by John Borkowski on Apr 11, 2011 3:19:00 PM

Microsoft Corp. is claiming that Google is deceptively misleading customers about the security of their various applications, representing another piece of the ongoing struggle between tech giants Microsoft and Google. Released in mid-February, Google caught Bing apparently stealing their search results.

Microsoft claims that Google Apps for Government does not adhere to the security standards that they claim it does. David Howard, Microsoft’s corporate vice president says that Google’s apps used for government clients are not certified under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

This could raise a problem as Google claims that their applications do have FISMA certification. Is this another shot that Microsoft is taking at Google in an event to get market share for Bing?

In an industry report of search engines for 2011, Google has 84.5% market share, while Yahoo has 8%, and Bing had 5.4%, respectively.

Microsoft launched an app for Bing compatible on the iPad 2, iPhone, and Android last week. They are expected to announce a Microsoft based tablet computer sometime in 2011. What we’re seeing is really a classic tale of two giants going against each other, competing for reputation and market share.

Since Microsoft is the first real threat that could be posed to Google, they seem to be taking every opportunity that they can to make up huge ground on Google. This is a pretty clear example of an Offensive versus Defensive marketing strategy. Stay tuned.

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