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"Tumblr" Your Way into a Good SEO Campaign

WebiMax Contributor, February 29, 2012

There many marketers out there who may have heard about Tumblr, but are struggling to grasp its true worth regarding search engine optimization. This unique form microblogging site actually contains a great deal of SEO potential that, if utilized properly, can really help boost a business or a brand. If you need any examples, just take a good long look The New York Times and its recently launched Tumblr blog, titled "The Lively Morgue" as reported by Mashable.

Among the things that a marketer needs to know about Tumblr, if he or she wants to conduct the right SEO-enhanced campaign through it, the most important one is the nature of its content. Tumblr is most widely used as an image-sharing service, and could perhaps be considered a predecessor to the latest social media phenomenon, Pinterest.

Users of Tumblr have long used the site to post photos, graphics, and videos, along with quotes and sayings that they have discovered on the internet, to share with other members of the community. Those who post images often include a small piece of writing as well, whether it is a relative quote, a personal thought, or a factual description. Although a majority of Tumblr users choose to post and share images, a good number of them also utilize the service as a blog, on varying levels of personal sharing.

This indicates that content is key when it comes to implementing a successful SEO marketing campaign via Tumblr. "The Lively Morgue" is an excellent example of that concept. The content that The New York Times will be publishing on its Tumblr comes from archives extending over many decades, and which all provide stunning glimpses into the past. Not only does its new Tumblr bring more attention to The New York Times and its properties, but the company has managed to make this particular blog profitable by offering to sell prints of the posted pictures.

Of course, The New York Times is far from the first to utilize Tumblr for its SEO marketing needs. From famous celebrities like Britney Spears to popular TV shows like Modern Family, Tumblr has proven to be a great marketing, attention-grabbing tool. Consider how your own business can successfully market itself using the popular medium Tumblr.

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