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Small Business Culture – A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

John Borkowski, January 31, 2011

Corporate culture may be the biggest small thing in a business that has less than 100 employees. Typically with a small business, whether it is a family owned restaurant, landscaping and hardscaping LLC, law practice, or internet marking company, the corporate culture is a reflection of the Founder. It is core values, beliefs, and behaviors that set the foundation for how the company will become a success from the inside out. Large companies and corporations that have existed for many years tend to have a culture that is better known than that of a small business.

So what do you do if you’re changing jobs and want to work for a specific kind of company? First, you have to decide if you want the dynamics of a large company. Large companies have a culture that stems back to its roots. The CEO is elected from the Board of Directors, and is typically under a contract for a certain amount of years. The CEO of a small company tends to be the one who founded the organization. This is integral to understanding when analyzing the corporate culture of a company.

If you are someone who is applying to a large company, don’t be hesitant to conduct a bit of research. Note on the year it was founded, how many CEOs have been in charge, and what industry professionals are saying about the company. If you are one looking for a smaller company and want to make sure you appreciate the culture, ask your interviewer if you can spend an hour observing the general office dynamics. If you can secure a second interview, ask if you can spend the morning going through the motions, and observing the behaviors of the employees around you.

Perhaps one of the most important behaviors you will want to observe is the morale and motivation that the CEO sets forth. How are employees treated with success? How is the company handled when things don’t go according to the itinerary? Does the CEO reward employees or do you only hear from them when things go less than planned? These are all important questions to consider when deciding where to settle in for your next job.
The management style of the person running your company is generally a reflection of the character of the individual. These are all important factors to consider when changing jobs. No one ever said changing jobs was easy.

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