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The Importance of Managing Reviews

John Borkowski, March 2, 2011

At any time of the day, buyers and critics can be reviewing your products and brand. They can be discussing their buying experience, offering feedback, or profiling your products on consumer report websites. Since this can be taking place at any time, it is extremely critical to manage reviews to ensure that the best things are being said, and if they’re not, how to address them appropriately.

This is the one area where webmasters need to pay close attention. It’s not so much responding to the positive comments as it is having a reaction plan in place to respond to the negatives. People will judge your company on your ability to address the negative reviews and how you accommodate them. People will often-times see your company in a brighter light if you effectively assist them and resolve the negative issue causing their remarks.

Once you have a proper monitoring tool in place and you know where people are posting remarks, your main concern should be the response. There are 3 main ideas that should be considered for responding.

• Emphasis on the customer experience
• Focusing on building a long-term customer relationship
• Reinforcing your brand reputation

Think about it, the last time you were dissatisfied and fuming over a purchase or buying experience, didn’t it make you feel better when the company responded in a favorable way?
Response is the keyword here.

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