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Business Lessons from Those Who Don't Worry About Money

admin, June 4, 2012


The title is a bit misleading.  I don't know if the wealthy don't 'worry' about money; but, they likely worry less than those less financially fortunate.  A lot of marketing mistakes are due to worry.  Probably a lot of mistakes in life have a lot to do with worry and anxiety…

A little while ago, I read a story about wine makers.  It features information about particular wineries and their owners, who are already wealthy, and often do not make a lot of funds from the fruits of their grapes' labors.

It's a good read; but, here I would like to write upon some business lessons taken from the story:


Do you ever dread your business?  Why did you get into it?  Was it to make money?  Was the business handed down over generations?  Did you see no other immediate ways to make a living?  Is it your passion?

I'm a realist.  I understand situations are not clear cut. However, make sure you're not fooling yourself.  Success means a lot of things.  For some, the meaning has nothing to do with money; it has to do with doing something meaningful to them.

A lot of wineries are started because (yes, the owner has the funds, but…) owners have a passion for the process, the end product, and satisfying the taste buds of enthusiasts.  Are you truly passionate about your business?  If not, you'll experience a lot more 'road bumps' because your intuition is looking for them.

If your business is not about the enjoyment in delivering your product/service to your market, you may never experience 'success' no matter how hard you try.


Luck/ Timing
As a writer, I write constantly.  Some messages are greeted with more success than others.  Does it have to do with my writing?  Sometimes.  But, I think most times not.  There are a lot of writers producing each day.  My content must compete on the Web.  What separates my post from being read over other content?  Sometimes, it has to do with luck and timing.  Sometimes it has to do with another cohort reading it, sharing it, posting it to places where others can see it, etc.

For instance, a startup may be doing everything 'right' yet does not experience the traction it wants.  Such 'I want it now' sentiments can get you into trouble or make one think less of their brand.  Why?  Some very successful people are where they are now thanks to patience and particular timing.  When will your time come?  I wish I could assuage your anxieties and answer for you; but, I can tell you just about all of us are going through the same.  It's a marathon; it's not a race.


Operate Your Business
I've never owned a business; so, some owners may scoff at this message.  So be it.  I hope all owners operate business the way it was intended.  For instance, in the online marketing space, some suppliers may bend their own rules (sometimes Google's) to satisfy a client.

Sometimes the client's needs are not aligned with the owner's ethics.  However, let's be real, all owners want business.  Should an owner compromise the ethics of their brand to satisfy a client?  I can't answer that for you.  I know my answer.  In one portion of the wine article, one maker tells of those who want that 100-point score and will be hefty prices to do it.  What was one winemakers reply?  "My first warning is, don't go into the business looking for a certain score."  He is secure in his decision to stand by his ethics (and that of his brand).  Are you?

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