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Find a Branding Niche

admin, March 21, 2012


I'm socially awkward.  I have trouble 'fitting in' at times.  It bothered me as a younger man; but, I took good advice, finding my 'niche,' a place suitable to me.  Life is a learning process; but, I've learned to gravitate toward Anthony-centric settings and activities.  I pursue my niche.

Where's your business' niche?  Going down the road of branding, you may find companies who found the vertical suitable as well.  Surely, it's not good business practice to share a niche!  It depends on the market; the market could be large enough for everyone, who provides something of value (you do that, right?), to make a good living.  Conversely, it could be more beneficial for your brand to dig a deeper branding hole, finally finding its niche.

I grew up skating and surfing, and still mature enough to engage in such activities.  Vans is a popular brand within the surfing and skating communities.  On a macro scale, Vans offers clothing, shoes, and accessories.  On a niche scale, the brand offers goods for a particular niche, skating and surf culture.  Can anyone and everyone purchase the goods?  Of course.  Does Vans cater to the surf/skate culture?  Yes.  I've seen the brand erect skate parks and sponsor surfing events around the nation.

Dollar Shave Club
I've noticed mention of the Dollar Shave Club (disclaimer: the brand personality is creative, cunning, but a bit irreverent for some) in recent history.  There are countless grooming supplies available.  Producing goods for a particular sex narrows the market.  Offering a single product (such as razors) brands the company further into a niche.  I think the form of branding shows a company can make an impact by producing a single product, finding a niche.  Mike Dubin wrote a nice piece on the razor wit behind the branding endeavor.

Jon Cooper is a member within the online marketing community.  He is a focused practitioner, understanding multiple facets of the industry, yet keeps concentration on link building practices and methods.  Perusing his site, you'll find in-depth posts on the topic, dense resources, and regular visitors of similar interest and passion.  Jon's branding is a good example of an individual finding a niche and devoting resources toward it.

Save a Dog
I am a humanitarian and respect all life on earth, especially canine life.  Save a Dog is of the same breed, hosting a service site with a number of resources and information, addressing its niche.  There are tons of pet-related organizations and sites; but, this particular site has found a niche focus.  Perhaps it was a highly-devoted and focused executive or person; or, perhaps some of the brands above had outside help, those who aided in directing branding, finalizing a niche.

Would you like further help with branding and finding your brand's niche?  Search engine optimization (get the free SEO white paper!) and online marketing helps create exposure; however, practitioners also help brands define and pursue a target market.  Direct your attention toward our WebiMax contact form.  We'd love the opportunity to help you find your niche!

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