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Passive Employees May Lead to Aggressive Horn Grabbing

admin, June 1, 2012

As a business owner, what do you want out of employees?  We know you established a business to make money; that's pretty obvious.  Employees are a means to business success.  But, let's be more specific.  What do you really want out of your employees?

I read a great post earlier by James Agate at Link Fish Media.  James interviewed himself along with reputable link builders in the online marketing space.  Motivation was a key theme throughout.  But, what about looking at motivation from a different angle?

I wrote a post from my personal blog last week on the power of intrinsic motivation.  Yes, of course, employees want to get paid well.  We all need money.  But, what about the feeling of self worth and feeling valued by the company?

A recent WSJ article featured the notion of recruiting from within your company.  I think it's a great idea from the start, aside from some of the more practical advantages, such as:

-          It usually costs less to hire from within

-          Employee personality and work ethic is already known

-          Employee is already on-board with your brand

Cisco Systems created an internal program, Talent Connection.  Cisco is a larger brand; its Talent Connection system helps managers identify in-house talent, rather than have them rely on outside candidates for openings.  As the WSJ story deems, the program identifies 'passive' candidates.

I especially celebrate the notion; because, I was once a 'passive candidate.'  Many people in the online marketing space were passive candidates for positions they now love and aggressively pursue.

An aggressive employee may be sitting in your office space right now; yet, their quiet personality may come across as passive. Maybe they want and are very willing to do more.  What kinds of opportunities are being extended to those who may be passive?  Are there any kinds of similar systems established at your brand akin to Talent Connection?  Why not?

Since 2010, almost half of Cisco's 65,000 employees have created profiles on the site and actively sought in-house opportunities.  The process has saved the company millions as well as raised employee satisfaction (as measured by an in-house survey).

Two, difficult tasks regarding SEO firms and clients focus on learning curves and communications.  If you're searching for online marketing services, then you have a need.  There may not be an SEO genius in your current ranks; yet, you'll never know unless you venture to inquire.

In the very least, prodding present employees regarding potentially new positions or projects can't hurt.  Alternatively, you may find your next brand's next point-person or executive was silently doing their work in the back cubical all along.

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