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Penguin Business Lessons

admin, May 21, 2012


Are you tired of hearing of Google pets?  I am too.  There are some SEO lessons to learn due to Penguin.  I'm sure you've seen a resource or two so far.  However, in this post, I would like to review some business insights to take away from the pet's recent visit.


Google is not a Given
Google is a business just like yours.  Google has an idea of how it would like to offer its search engine service.  Sure, Google makes most of its money from advertising; so, it wants you to use its search engine; however, nothing is 'given' regarding Google, just as nothing is given regarding other forms of marketing.  The search engine is a platform your business can use to intrigue consumers.  Your brand must make the marketing channel 'work' just like other methods.  The Google search engine is not a revolutionary marketing exception; don't think of it as such.


You Can't Compensate for Quality
I say this a lot.  I hope some are reading and heeding the words.  You can't compensate (EVER) for a lack of quality.  You could facilitate more exposure without providing quality; but, such an endeavor seems wasteful in itself.  Additionally, consumers have choices.  Just because your service/product ranks well, doesn't secure an eventual purchase or ongoing appreciation.  You can't compensate for quality no matter how you organize your online marketing campaign.


Don’t Chase Trends
It's likely many affected webmasters did not directly have bad intentions; alternatively, many could have been chasing the 'trend' of achieving great rank.  Don't chase trends; organize online marketing endeavors utilizing tools and initiatives which make sense.


Recently, we've seen information related to GM, America's third-largest advertiser.  GM no longer uses Facebook for paid advertising.  Additionally, GM does not plan to invest in the upcoming Super Bowl advertising fiesta.  (To date, advertisers will be expected to invest over $3 million for 30 seconds!  Wow!)  GM is a perfect example of crafting marketing against brand intentions and markets, regardless of the most 'popular' social networks and sense of 'tradition.'


Listen to Customers, Not SEOs
Every marketing campaign needs to devote unwavering attention to target markets.  You know your target market; SEOs do not.  SEOs know online marketing tools and platforms.  Marketing aligns targets with your brand.  SEOs can help from a third-party perspective; but, SEOs can't do YOUR JOB for you.  In theory, such sentiments create potential for a bad relationship.  SEOs want to help; but, they can't compensate for your lack of target-market understanding or quality of service/product.


I, for one, celebrate the recent updates.  It ushers a returned sentiment of 'marketing.'  SEO is a tangent of marketing.  Marketing relies on understanding people.  When did so many  get led astray from the 'people' aspect of marketing?  SEO is not automated marketing; if you think it is, you need more than my words and a Penguin.

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