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Place a Coin in the Idea Machine

admin, May 8, 2012


How much are your ideas worth?  It's a tough question.  Can you really place value on ideas?  I guess if it materializes to a Google or Facebook then you'll get some pats on the back for it.  However, what about all the other ideas that didn't make it to epic, FB and Goog heights?  Ideas are flying around all day and night.  It's only when we harness them, when we wrangle them in and make something out of them, that we get 'full' credit and appreciation for them.

I'm an idea man; but, that means nothing to you unless I can express my muse exists.  Here are some copywriting ideas I can give to you.  Maybe you can make something more concrete out of them.  (Throws coin in idea machine.)

Is someone interesting in your business community?  I bet there are tons of people to approach.  Interviews have such potential; I think the questions and not the personality really make the interview.  Have you entertained some good questions you would like to ask?

Spend less time worrying about the candidate and spend more time focusing on what kinds of questions would intrigue readers.  You have social media accounts, don't you?  You could ask followers for their take on some good questions regarding your industry. That way, you know your questions are already burning a hole in inquiring minds.

A Day in the Life
Consumers are more curious about brands of interest.  Have you considered making an infographic related to a day at your office?  It could be highly informative; it could be silly and humorous.  Both kinds of content intrigue readers.  What I do love about the idea is that it provides an opportunity for brand expression.

Most people get lost in the design of an inforgraphic; I think it's more about what readers can get out of them.  Ask yourself, "How do I want the reader to experience this?  What kinds of reactions do I want from them?"  Do you want to invoke a laugh?  Do you want more professional respect?

Your Opinions
I stopped reading faceless, corporate-like blog posts.  They offer very little personality; and, the intelligence is usually highly objective.  I can't really gain much value from them.  However, I do get a lot of value from the opinions of others.  Sure, they are just that – the opinions of others.  I can wrap my head around the experiences of others, consider the messages, and then extract value to use in my own subjective experiences.

Choose five to ten in-industry business practices you celebrate and an equal number of those you disagree with.  Use personal experiences to elucidate a truth you came to realize.  Perhaps readers can relate, disagree, or want to add.  Sharing in-industry experiences is great bait for reads.  Think about popular comedians.  Jokes, which are more popular, are usually those that are relatable to a greater number of people.

Write a Post on Ideas
How postmodern of me to suggest; but, it makes sense.  I would want to hear from more idea people.  Where do you get your ideas?  What do you do with them?  I'll share some personal feedback:

-          I walk around with a small notebook; my ideas like to have fun with me, knocking on my mind's door at the most inconvenient times.  But I found a way to keep them captive until later.  Don't let those little buggers get away!

-          Every person is different.  Do your ideas follow a cycle of seasons?  Mine usually do.  I am highly creative in the morning until around noon then experience a creative reprise in the evening into the wee hours.  I take advantage of my idea seasons when I can.  Why try to write a sunny post when I'm amidst the winter of my content?

-          Two creative heads are better than one.  There are a few people whom I share rough ideas with.  I get more ideas from the feedback of others.  Even if they don't like where a particular idea is going, the addition of their mind into the equation further rattles some more ideas out of my idea machine.

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