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There's Always Time for Important Business

admin, April 14, 2012


What are you doing reading this on a Saturday?  Isn't it the weekend?  Shouldn't you better balance your working life?  Haven't you read blog posts and books, which champion the condensed work week and not working harder but smarter?

I read a great post earlier today on entrepreneur walls and breakthroughs.   It's very personable and insightful; I suggest entrepreneurs give it a read.  One of the barriers the author is aware of is budgeting time.  Whether they decide to be transparent about their own barriers or not, I believe many business owners have similar issues.

How do you better budget time?  I'm no business-owner whisperer; but, I am a people person, have studied psychology, and take interest in achieving 'balance.'  I can't guarantee the following ideas will help; but, I definitely think it could inspire some positive thoughts and behaviors.

Just Eat It
This is something I need to stay aware about; I can easily guzzle down pots of coffee, neglecting solid, healthy foods in the process.  Your brain NEEDS food.  It's like fuel for your car.  Would you drive to work with no gas?  No, you'd be cruising toward a careless process.  Why would you go to work without fueling your brain?  You need it; and, your company needs it healthy and strong.  Do yourself a favor, even if it means packing food in your Star Wars lunchbox.

Check out this PDF on eating healthy in the morning.

Sign of the Times
Who invented the 9 to 5?  Who invented the 40-hour workweek?  Was it someone who knew what was best for us all?  It's not likely.  As an owner, you have a bit of room to modify your hours.  Personally, I do my best thinking in the early morning and later in the evening.  Why?  I'm not really sure; it's an Anthony thing.  I try to wake early, get to work, and then resume more work at the tail end of the day, when I get my good thoughts back.  If you're like me, you may do your best work during hours outside of the 9-5 'norm.'

Read this article on how 'interruptions' can boost creativity.

More Work is NOT Bad
Do you love what you do?  I do; therefore, I engage in it more often than others.  Some may see that as a mistake.  ("You'll shoot your mind's eye out, kid!")  I appreciate their concern; but, I know myself.  I've reserved a lot of time for 'play' in my younger years.  Presently, I'm single and interested in my career.  Are you in a similar position?  Are you hungry?  Don't let anyone satiate you with their recommendations.  If you're enjoying your work, keep going, keep gaining traction.  Some, urging you to slow down, may be the same parties who don't want you to get too far ahead of the pack.  Feel like running, and in a very Forest-Gump-like fashion, don't feel like stopping?  Do your thing.

This is a dated, six-part series on self discipline.  Maybe you'll read a few insights, maybe you'll read all six passages.

Family Balance
I recently had the benefit of spending time with a good friend's family this past week.  My friend's brother-in-law is highly successful and works hard.  However, he makes time for his family.  This is not an observation; this is a result of my observation and discussion with him on the topic.  Work is a passion of his; but, it starkly pales in comparison to how he feels about his family and personal life.  I respect that though I can't directly relate at this point in my life.  His family is his source of inspiration for his work's passion; so, naturally he understands he must recognize the dynamic and ensure there's enough family time in his life; otherwise, it influences his work.

Read an academic study done on work/family balance.

Be You
Being you as a kid was easy.  There wasn't much obligation and temptation to be something other than you.  Remember being in high school, wanting to feel accepted, wanting to feel like you fit in?  Sometimes I did things that didn't reflect who I was just to fit in.  It was a mark of immaturity; however, social spheres in adult life warrant feelings of acceptance too.  It's human to want to be liked and recognized; but, ensure you're being the desired you.  Your company doesn't have to engage in online marketing like others.  Your company doesn't have to be recognized like the other companies.  You don't have to be like other owners.  Don't compare yourself to anyone except the person you want to be.

This is an awesome site, featuring a nine-year-old entrepreneur.  The dude's having a lot of fun 'doing his thing.'  Are you?  You're an adult now; but, you never have to lose your sense of childhood wonder…ever.

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