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WebiMax Team Gives Back, at The Food Bank of South Jersey

Chris Arter, December 18, 2014

As we celebrate the holidays, spending time with family and friends and enjoying all the great holiday food, we can’t help but think of those that may not be so fortunate. Everyday in South Jersey, more than 200,000 people are not sure where their next meal will come from. Of that number 35% are children who after eating at school may come home to an empty plate,  and 12% are seniors that are making the difficult choice of whether to eat or pay for medicine. The rest are working families that don’t have enough to pay bills and keep three meals per day on the table.

That’s why the WebiMax team in Camden, NJ donated a total of 236 food items and $250 to the Food Bank of South Jersey.   In addition to the food drive, volunteers from WebiMax supported The Food Bank by helping to sort and pack food at their warehouse in Pennsauken.  The Food Bank and its network of 200+ food pantries and meal kitchens have been around since 1985 providing prepared meals and groceries to people in need. The Food Bank is based right around the corner in Pennsauken and it supports many of the local Camden area residents.

Food Bank Collage no logo

If you or your company is looking for ways to help those in need this holiday season or any season, the Food Bank of South Jersey offers plenty of options that will surely make a difference.  For more information, visit:

http://www.foodbanksj.org/CorporatePartners.html   - for business

http://www.foodbanksj.org/Individuals.html - for individuals.

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