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SEO Value Brought to Bear Regarding Content Farm "Victory"

WebiMax Contributor, December 27, 2011

Most people have positive, cuddly associations to pandas.  Google changed that for a lot of online businesses back in February by implementing ongoing Panda updates.  Last week, an online source revealed data related to the updates' influence on search rankings.  It seems things are going as planned; the SERPs are populated with better results, indirectly tipping the cap to brands making modifications and SEO firms that helped.

SEO – It Works
SEO works; it doesn't guarantee success of a brand, but it does what the acronym implies; it optimizes SE opportunities.  Practitioners are not magicians; we simply follow the provided blue prints for success as provided by the major search engines.  As we can see regarding the devaluation of content farms on SERPs, those who heeded suggestions benefitted.  Those who did not follow suggestions suffered.

Dynamic Aid
I like to describe search engine optimization services as "dynamic."  Dynamic aid multitasks and helps in several ways, surpassing one-time, static aid.  Let's consider how an SEO strategist may help regarding Panda updates.  For one, a practitioner will call attention to immediate, to-be modifications, helping clients escape possible penalties waged by Google.  Secondly, specialists may help a client change the way the brand produces and implements content.  Such wisdom has far-reaching, positive implications, transcending immediate space and time.

Many times, industry practitioners refer to search engine optimization as an investment rather than a cost.  That's a beneficial way for potential clients to perceive the services. Rather than a steadfast rate and exchange process, SEO enables continuous growth, making it rather difficult to place an exact value upon it.  Additionally, clients can learn a bit of SEO as the campaign progresses, giving them fuel for future success without the aid of an external source.

SE + SEO = Client
Some novices think the search engine optimization process is magic, but it's more like translation.  SE practitioners have industry experience.  We understand SE suggestions and how to implement them regarding client campaigns; clients don't have to fret over continuous updates.  The SEO process is going as planned, indirectly exhibited through the recent "victory."

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