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4 Ways to Write Sexy Content

Dan Heinkel, August 28, 2012

Image of Sexy CoupleI'm going to give you a piece of marketing advice. Are you ready? Okay, here it goes: Sex sells.

If you can make your product sexy, there's a good chance sales will spike. In the online marketplace, one of the easiest ways to do that is through your content--appealing, engaging text and product images.

Your content, which is undeniably one of your biggest business assets, plays an integral part in your marketing campaign, helping you sell your products. So why not make it as sexy as can be?

But what do I mean by "sexy" content? Well, sexy content attracts users through its looks--originally. Like a pretty girl or a handsome man, if your content is easy on the eyes, it'll attract people.  Then, like an intelligent woman or man, if you have something good to say, you'll keep them there.

So how do we get our content sexy?

Trim the Fat 

Like I said, your content should be easy on the eyes.  That means you need to trim the fat.  By eliminating long, drawn-out sentences and paragraphs, you'll be able to whittle your content down to a concise message.

Big chunks of text, bogged down with unnecessary modifiers, scare readers off. By keeping things brief with one sentence logically flowing into the next, you'll find that more visitors read your content from beginning to end.

Be Active and Build up the Muscle 

What sounds better: The ball was hit by the golfer down the fairway or the golfer clobbered the ball, launching it down the middle of the fairway? Most people would say the latter. That's because it's in the active voice.

Good writing contains strong action verbs.  Good writing packs a punch.  It keeps your readers on their toes rather than lulling them to sleep.  Don't be afraid to flex those muscles and create strong content that keeps readers locked in.

Spice it Up 

Predictability isn't sexy.  In fact, it's the exact opposite of sexy.  Content that's formatted the same way on every page will turn people off.

Instead, spice things up with a picture.  Break your content up with subheadings and bulleted lists--anything to provide a little variety, a little diversity.  This will also make your content easier to scan which improves the user experience.

Well-Groomed and Articulate

Being sexy isn't all about looks. If something is truly sexy, it's both physically and intellectually attractive.  This means your content needs to be error-free and it needs to bring something interesting to the conversation.  No one wants to date a person with the intelligence of parking cone, regardless of how attractive they may be.

I know that if I start reading an article and find a grammatical error, I automatically like it less.  Also, if I start to read something and feel like I'm not getting anything out of it, I'll stop.

So, how sexy is your content? Leave a comment here on our blog or message me directly at dheinkel(at)webimax.com.





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