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Are You Content with Your Content?

admin, January 5, 2012

I read a good post the other day presenting a copywriting sentiment; great content does not guarantee links and exposure.  It doesn't, unfortunately, despite the time, energy, and hopes of some scribers.  But, solid content is still solid content; there's use for it.  Content production facilitates search engine optimization campaign successes, but you can do more with your information.  If you are a currently discontent with your content, consider composing a strategic plan of attack regarding ongoing production.

Industry Evergreen
Imagine a site browser as an industry novice, one who has very little exposure and understanding of your services and products.  How would you educate them?  I often suggest penning industry, evergreen articles; elementary tidbits of industry info, which is easy for beginners to ascertain. For instance, a search engine optimization novice may wonder about the history of SEO.

What should you do with such content?  Placing articles within an on-site resource section is a start.  That way, those new to the brand, products, or services may learn more about what the brand offers.

Hot Topics
Where do people in your industry go for current news?  For search engine optimization news, I regularly read a number of SEO blog posts.  In addition to educating novices, it's important to share news with industry cohorts and consumers further along the sales cycle and savvy about the industry.

If I were a brand, desiring more in-industry clout and authority, I would take notice of hot topics in the industry and respected platforms, then inquire about participation. Can you pen an industry-related guest post on behalf of your brand?  Can you submit a newsworthy post, hoping it is well received by editors and posted on reputable industry sites? In many industries you can; be proactive.

There's no guarantee a piece of content will go viral, but there's always a chance.  However, I think most would be surprised to find there's a lot more planning involved than mere luck.  Those of you, penning well-thought posts and producing other kind of insightful media (infographs, videos, podcasts) may be disappointed at the amount of online traction or lack thereof.

For instance your video production endeavors may culminate in being one of the top viral videos of the year, but with planning, you'll have a better chance.  Rather than unleashing your content, hoping the world finds it, be proactive.  First, you may contact a number of sources, inquiring about their interest or possible input regarding such a project. Secondly, you can arrange for social media help before your content's release.

For instance, Twitter allows users to make customized lists of followers.  For instance, I may segment my online marketing followers into particular groups aligned to specific marketing subgroups, such as branding.  If I were preparing a post on branding, I may send a message to my "branding"-related, Twitter followers giving them the heads up, asking them to please share my on-topic information to others who may find the info helpful and insightful.

Thanks for reading and continued good luck with your content!

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