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Why Content Curation?

admin, February 27, 2012

I wonder if Picasso threw paintings away after one day.  That's what happens to a lot of writers' online works.  Content is not physically "trashed"; yet, if it's not evergreen (and even in those cases at times) the content kind of rests there, eternally at peace.  It's a sin we let content pass on in such a way.  Shouldn't we facilitate a longer existence?  After all, copywriting professionals put in time and energy; we'd like to see our creations curated, raging against the dying of the light.

So digital curation is a wise thought, Anthony?  Sure.  I've been reading about it for some time now.  Joanna Lord discussed it in her recent post on inbound marketing.  Joanna references a Rand Fishkin post from 2009; if you read the post, you'll get a broader perspective of how much of an asset inbound marketing has become since then.

Understand Your Audience
One of the key points provided in Joanna' post is 'understanding your target audience.'  Brands need to stop and think about how content is going to engage markets.  In fact, Michael King largely bases his new SEO process on users.

Writing for Writing' Sake
Over the weekend, I caught site of John Doherty's Three Tenets of Content Marketing.  He advises producing better, less, and planned content.  Each brand must approach content generation from its own perspective, which may involve more or less production.  However, John's piece reminds us that producing numbers doesn't guarantee results.

Traffic or Conversions?
I like John's sentiment because it's likely to be supported by your brand's statistics.  Dr. Pete did a post last week on 2 SEO metrics related to traffic and conversions.  A robust, content-generative sentiment may attain SE exposure.  Awesome!  Then, a consumer clicks on a link ostensibly addressing their need.  They get to a page hosting half-baked content; now what?  As you would expect, the bounce rate gets high while conversions on such pages is low to nothing.

Short/Long Game
Each NFL team needs a long/short offensive game.  I suggest the same for your brand regarding content.  I understand time is a factor.  Exceedingly great content, which could be labeled as 'evergreen' and perfect for curation, (see this excellent example of a curated link building piece organized by Jon Cooper – that's how you develop an 'evergreen' piece) takes time; yet, such content attracts attention.  While your brand produces ongoing content, ensure a strategy for content curation is implemented.  Great content is a terrible thing to waste.

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