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Raising Content from the Digital Dead

admin, March 27, 2012


How many articles have you seen cruise past your Twitter stream?  I see hundreds of suggestions per day.  Where does all that digital content go?  Surely, the lifeline of posts is not long; there's an incipient flood coming by the hour.  However, from a curation perspective, there's no reason for content to rest in peace.

Jacob Klein wrote a post yesterday on building links with video content.  I thought the suggestions were great; it got me thinking of bounce rates and conversions.  In the comments, I inquired about such.  Jacob ensured me he had experienced longer on-page times due to inserting video into posts.  It makes sense; people skim through written copy, but usually watch video from beginning to end.

In many cases, video galvanizes otherwise 'boring' or 'dry' content.  Think about some product or service-related suggestions.  Would you rather read about the proper way to paint your home's interior, 'seeing' professionals at work, or read inanimate words on a page?  What better serves the consumer, the readers' needs?

Do you have older content?  Has it experienced any visitors or grievers lately?  Why not do some video experimentation, Dr. Frankenstein?  Raise the old sentiments from the dead, recharging and reinventing insight with video implementation.

You've written a post.  Now we know what you think.  What about the opinions of others?  Have you ever considered beseeching a running tally of opinions?  Passionate professionals love sharing and expressing opinions.  In many cases, more views make for a better piece of content.  Two minds are better than one; what about a community of minds?  Have you done any fiddling with Survey Monkey?  The service is free and you can insert a customized survey at the bottom of your post.

Did you write a successful post?  Did you write a not-so-successful post?  Would you like to reintroduce the conversation?  Pin a survey at the end and send it out to the community, asking for input.  If you get enough responses, your brand can orchestrate a modern-day part II.

I want you to take my survey!

Graphic Design/Comic Strip
I wrote a guest post for Michael King a little while ago on sweet tweeting.  When I sent him the rough copy, Mike told me to take a look at this post by Cyrus Shephard.  Take a look.  Cyrus makes some good points, yes?  Have you released prior copy void of eye stimuli?  Perhaps it's time to loop back around and implement some pictures, infographs, or even comic strips.  Take a look at Mike King's comics; he's known for them because he does a good job of illustrating points using visual stimulants.  Could you pull rank, rising interest in old copy by emulating his artistic sympathies?  I think so.

Cartoons done by Michael King


What other suggestions do you suggest, readers?  Surely there are other ways to raise awareness about old content.  Have you taken notice of our free white paper?  Do you have more questions about SEO or online marketing?  Direct your attention to the WebiMax contact page.

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