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Facebook Marketing Succeeds When Done Properly

WebiMax Contributor, March 6, 2012

I really appreciated this recent article on TechCrunch that detailed five main reasons for which companies experience failure in their Facebook marketing endeavors. The fact of the matter is that Facebook marketing possesses a world of potential in profitability – but only if it is used correctly, and consistently.

Do note that the key word here is: consistently. Everything that this article lists as highly effective Facebook marketing tips ultimately lead to the main point that properly investing in a consistently-maintained SEO and social media marketing plan is what businesses really need to do to succeed in "F-commerce," which is the new term for product and service marketing on Facebook.

One thing that this article states is that the social media plan of a company should not be primarily relegated to employees as a task that they must complete part-time or whenever they have time. A company needs to update and regulate its presence on social networks on a continuous basis. This means that Facebook posts and Tweets must be made not just every day, but ideally multiple times in a day. The social media world is a huge competition for grabbing attention to your product, service, or brand, and in order to compete, businesses must constantly engage with customers, clients, and more on the wide variety of social media platforms.

Another point made by this Facebook is that businesses spell failure for their Facebook storefronts when they don't make them "social friendly" enough. This means creating the atmosphere of a store, but on a Facebook brand page. How does a business accomplish this? The answer is simple: engagement with fans and other users. Running contests for fans to enter with attractive prices; taking polls and surveys that invite users to give their commentary on the business and how they would like to see it improve; the list goes on and on. With the right initiatives and engagement, businesses can really draw fans in to ultimately provide profitable results.

These are only just two of the five points made in the TechCrunch article, and I invite anyone who is interested – especially SEO marketers – to check it out and consider how they can best utilize these strategies to improve their Facebook marketing campaigns.

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