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Facebook Remains FREE

John Borkowski, September 26, 2011

A spammy report surfaced over the weekend stating Facebook was planning on charging for membership to the social media page. The company addressed this today by stating:

“a rumor on the internet caught our attention. We have no plans to charge for Facebook.
It is free and always will be”.

The false rumor stated that there will be three different types of memberships, each charging a different price per month. The outrageous text did not take long to appear on many walls, pages, and internet directories.

On a separate note, other reports surfaced today stating that Google+ may have raked in a total of 38 million members to date. The new social media site acts as a bigger and better version of Facebook, offering things including video chat, “hangout”, self-broadcasting, search, and more. These features Facebook lacks, however in a direct response, the company rolled out a whole bunch of updates including “Timeline” last week during their F8 summit in San Francisco. CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivered the keynote speech.

The company is expected to roll out their IPO next year and experts suggest this may be the most profitable IPO of any major firm in recent years. In fact, it may rival the 2004 IPO of industry giant Google, where shares were first offered at $84 per share. Facebook’s IPO is still a ways away thus the share offering is unknown, but is surely expected to shoot to the moon considering how buy-happy investors were during LinkedIn’s IPO earlier this year.

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