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Online Audiences Turn to Social Media to Learn the Latest in Health Care

Jillian Johnson, April 23, 2012

Attention, health care providers. If you're looking to attract an online audience, then it's essential that you start providing information about health care and your practice through social media.

While social media has become the primary news source for many, it has especially become a main news source for online audiences to obtain health care related information.

Results from a PwC Health Research Institute survey found that 33% of U.S. consumers use social media to obtain and share health care information. Social media outlets used to find medical information included YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The survey also found that 90% of the respondents, ages 18 to 24, said they would trust medical information shared by others on social media networks.

And social media isn't just a source for web audiences to learn and share information as results found that roughly 41% of respondents use social media help determine which doctor or hospital to use. In addition, 34% said that the information provided on social media sites impacts their decision as to whether or not to take a certain medication.

Also, while respondents stated that they use social media sites to share their own health story including symptoms, treatments and doctors, the survey found that an individual's health status played a role in sharing information. Those in better health were more likely to share information on social media sites.

If you're a health care provider looking to engage more with customers, social media networks are the perfect outlet for you to find out what customers are eager to know and provide them with the latest information regarding health statuses, symptoms, treatments and medications.

Also, social media sites are a great promotional tool as you can provide information about your own practice and your experience working in health care, and share the latest news regarding the particular health care field you work in. Social media sites are free, easy to use, and highly popular.  Also, information on social media sites spreads quickly allowing you to reach an audience fast.

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