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Optimizing Facebook Brand Pages Should Be a New Goal in SEO

WebiMax Contributor, March 14, 2012

The world of SEO is continuously morphing. Whereas optimizing a business or organization's website has long been the primary goal of search engine optimization, the tables of the game are just starting to tilt in a new direction. What is this change, and why did it happen?

To start with the latter question, new technologies in the consumer marketplace have transformed the way people engage with online content, and with e-commerce websites. These new technologies are social media and mobile devices, mainly smartphones and tablets. The changes these have brought about are that now people interact more with their profiles on social media sites than they do with particular websites, and more with their mobile devices than they do with traditional desktop computers and laptops. What this means is that the practice of SEO now has to be applied to social media brand pages and profiles, to start generating that traffic back to original websites.

A recent article on Search Engine Land addresses this issue directly, and offers tips for businesses to optimize their Facebook pages in order to drive mobile traffic back to their pages. It cites the public filing that Facebook made in February 2012, which stated that 50 percent of the site's traffic is driven by mobile devices. It's pretty clear that a wealth of opportunities for driving this traffic to company websites lie waiting for businesses to start taking advantage of them.

What are some of the tips the article provides? It focuses on optimizing Facebook brand pages for both mobile organic search and mobile paid search. The former can be addressed by paying a lot of attention to the content of a brand's Facebook page, making good use of the right keywords, as well as by connecting to a brand's other social media pages. Both of these tactics have proven highly effective for brands that have utilized them.

In this increasingly mobile device-centered world, both businesses and the world of SEO have to adapt to the new technologies and the changing trends in consumer behavior. Businesses should really start evaluating the options open to them of building their social media brand pages, so that they can drive the traffic to their original websites.

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