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A Brief Overview of Google I/O 2012

WebiMax Contributor, July 5, 2012

On Friday, Google wrapped up its annual I/O Developer Conference in San Francisco. From the latest Android update to the announcement of the Nexus 7 tablet, the company revealed many of its upcoming offerings to a largely positive reaction from those in attendance. Now that I/O has come to an end, the Internet is abuzz with Google-related news and the impact of the conference looks to be significant to Google users as well as the entire SEO community.

A Glimpse Into the Google's Future
Last week, I discussed several of the new products and services that debuted at I/O in a WebiMax.com News Update. In that video, I addressed the new Nexus 7 tablet which is designed to compete with the iPad and Microsoft Surface, as well as the Kindle Fire. The Nexus tablet's $199 starting price point is a distinct advantage over the more expensive offerings from Apple and Microsoft. Additionally, the ASUS-designed device will ship with the new Android 4.1 installed as its operating system. In late 2011, a rise in mobile Web traffic and sales resulted from an increase in tablet PC purchases. The impending release of new tablets from Microsoft and Google this holiday season could create a similar trend this year.

Google's focus on mobile platforms was also expressed by the company's announcement that their social network, Google+, will be updated to become "tablet-friendly". Google Maps is also being developed for iOS 6 in order to avoid losing its market share on Apple devices.

The company also revealed some details regarding the Nexus Q, which will compete with the Roku and Apple TV. However, Project Glass looks to be the most unique new product in Google's lineup. While the augmented-reality eyewear may appeal to a niche audience, it's unlikely that its $1500 price point will be easily marketable to those outside of the "Googlesphere".

I/O's Impact on Internet Marketing
For Internet marketing companies, the I/O conference was an opportunity to better understand Google's plans for the months ahead. The company's obvious emphasis on mobile should resonate with SEOs and should also be considered a major component of campaigns going forward.

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