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Dynamic Search Ads

John Borkowski, October 24, 2011

Google opened up a new feature to their AdWords platform called Dynamic Search Ads. This new initiative includes Google automatically generating your headline based on what was searched for, adding an almost on the fly customized direct marketing strategy. It is estimated that 16% of search queries on Google have never been searched before. Dynamic Search Ads will capture this 16% by tweaking the headline as necessary to reach the intended audience.

For this to be effective, Google indexes websites on a regular basis to scan for changes. They will take these changes (if any) and apple it to your search ad that aren’t already set up in AdWords. This will also save costs as dormant campaigns that are not generating many hits or conversions will not be wasted and will clearly be updated as the landing page is updated. The level of transparency is clearly enhanced!

Shortly after Google made the announcement, they also stated that marketers were seeing a 5-10% increase in click through rates (CTR) and conversions.

Creating an effective pay per click campaign goes just beyond the ad, however. Effective landing pages are also highly required. The addition of a dynamic search ad doesn’t mean companies and advertisers can now create a static ad, sit back and wait for the results. Contracting with the best PPC company becomes a priority as these campaigns can easily be mismanaged by amateur firms. Google also recently announced that their ad visibility will favor landing page quality. Sending users to a poor page will not get the company much visibility.

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