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Google Goes Mobile: Is Your Site Ready?

Nicole Romeo, March 11, 2015

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Next time you’re in a public space, look around and you'll probably notice tons of people staring at their mobile devices. It’s probable that these people are checking their social media pages or conducting local search queries. According to a 2014 report, over 20% of Google searches are performed on mobile devices. In the United States, 25% of Internet users only access the internet using mobile devices. The percentage of consumers using mobile devices to access the internet is only going to increase.


 This test will analyze your URL and report whether your page has a mobile-friendly design. To use the test, simply enter your page's URL and click analyze.

Google recently addressed the upcoming algorithm updates on its Webmaster Central Blog:

 Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.

 Mobile Friendly Sites will be Highlighted in Search Results Going Forward



Google also announced that apps that are in Google's Index will rank higher for mobile searches.

As more and more consumers are turning to their mobile devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets, to access the web, Google will be adjusting its algorithm to cater to mobile users. The new algorithm update will use more mobile-friendly factors to determine search results and is intended to generate more mobile-friendly search results. The update will go into effect on April 21st. If your website is optimized for mobile devices, then you can expect to experience a spike in your search rankings. However, sites that are not optimized are likely to suffer.

Is your site mobile ready?

Google will use a variety of factors to determine whether a site is mobile-friendly. A site that is deemed mobile-friendly by Google will have compatible software for mobile devices, adequately spaced links, properly-sized content that eliminates the need for scrolling, and readable text that does not require the use of the zoom function.  Our expert web designers can make your website responsive without altering any existing elements or content on your site. To make sure your website is ready for Google's mobile-friendly algorithm updates, contact our web design team at WebiMax.

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How can you optimize your website for mobile devices?

In order to optimize your website for mobile devices, you need to use responsive web design. With responsive web design, your web pages will seamlessly adjust to fit the screen of any electronic device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Users on all devices will have the same experience. Those using a mobile device will not have to shrink or zoom the page to read content and view images. Responsive web design also eliminates the need to create a separate website for each platform. Instead, webmasters can maintain a single website domain, which is both convenient and cost-effective. Contact us at 1-888-932-4629 or visit our site for more information about mobile marketing.

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