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Google Rolls Out "More Results" Button for Mobile

Matt Haran, April 12, 2018

For some time, Google has been testing a “more results” button within their search engine results pages to load more results on mobile. This new button would essentially eliminate the need of having to click to the next page of search results thus removing paginated search results on mobile. Last night, Google made an announcement on Twitter that this is now real, stating the following: “We’ve launched a new “More results” button that makes it easier and faster to get more search results on mobile. Now additional listings load below the ones already being viewed, rather than the old "Next" button that would load an entirely new page....”

No More Next Button

We say farewell to the next button at the bottom of mobile searches. Google is always trying to make the best experience for their users, and with this removal, searching on mobile is now easier and faster. Instead of loading an entirely new page, the next pages results will be on the same page further down. Give it a try on your phone!

Ads Appear Beneath Organic Results

Once you hit the new more results button, organic results are shown and then below are ads. This change could help increase clicks and impressions on organic results which can help your SEO. Make sure your titles and descriptions are click-worthy! Normally, ads would load at the top of the next page of search results but instead, they come at the bottom. This is a fascinating change for ads and we will continue to monitor how this impacts the SERPs.

Keep in mind, this change is only present on mobile and not desktop. There is already some clutter on the mobile results with shopping results, local results, images, and other results so any change to load results quicker is a good change.

What do you think about all this?

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