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Free SEO Tools

WebiMax Contributor, July 24, 2010

If you are a do it yourself website owner you know the importance of using SEO Tools. They can help you save a ton of time rather than manually going through each task. Some of the best SEO tools are free SEO tools that accomplish what you need them to do. Currently I'm writing this blog post using a free SEO tool.

This is a free SEO tool I would recommend to anyone that writes content for the web. It tracks word count and keyword density on the fly. This is the best free SEO tool for tracking density while your are writing, that I have been able to find on the web.

Everyone that does search engine optimization knows the importance of keyword density for their pages. This Free Seo Tool is a god send. The keywords I'm targeting for this article are Free SEO Tool, Free SEO, SEO Tool.

• Keyword 1: Free Seo Tool - Density 4.71%
• Keyword 2: Free Seo - Density 5.49%
• Keyword 3: Seo Tool - Density 7.06%

The statistics above are for this finished blog post. I also set minimum word length at 3 characters so any words less than three characters are not tracked in this copy. This was another great feature of this Free SEO Tool. You can set Minimum word length at 2, 3, 4 or no character limit with this Free Seo Tool.

Search online for free SEO tools to help measure keyword density, link flow, on-site optimization, link building and many other SEO elements. Check some additional SEO resources at our last blog post

Here is the link for the Free Seo Tool.

As an Internet marketing company we use many Seo Tools some are Free SEO Tools and other SEO Tools we have to pay for. This is one I would pay for if I had to.

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