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Ken in the Courier Post on WebiMax's Move to Camden

Kenneth Wisnefski, March 3, 2015

COMMENTARY: WebiMax glad to be part of Camden

I wanted to comment on a letter to the editor that stated that businesses should give back to Camden as part of the process of moving their companies there.

As the founder and CEO of WebiMax, I absolutely agree with that statement and agree that our company, located on the waterfront, is absolutely a part of Camden.

As per the article "Workers adjust to Camden" (C-P, Feb. 22)," our employees went from being concerned about moving to Camden to truly embracing our move.

For the past 10 years, I have had two businesses that operated out of Mount Laurel. While the location was great and we enjoyed our time there, I never felt that we were part of the community or connected to any sort of cause. We had lucrative offers to move our offices outside of New Jersey but we chose to come to Camden because we felt it enabled us to help improve Camden and be part of the solution that fueled the renaissance of the city itself.

In our short time in Camden thus far, we have taken part in a program aimed at teaching youths about career paths in website design and online marketing that was organized by the Rev. Floyd White and the Woodland Community Development Corporation.

In addition, all of our employees contributed to a successful food drive coordinated by the Food Bank of South Jersey, where a group of WebiMax employees also volunteered packaging food that was provided to residents of Camden.

We are also in the process of assisting Mayor Dana Redd with a website designed to show Camden's progress and attract new businesses to the city. We have plans to get more involved in the community and help however we can.

I was inspired at an event hosted by the New Jersey Alliance for Action in December at which the mayor, Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli and Congressman Donald Norcross all spoke about the plans for the future of Camden and how much they want to improve the community for the people who live there.

While I certainly miss aspects of Mount Laurel, I am confident I speak for my entire company when I say coming to Camden and being part of the plans for change was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Ken Wisnefski is founder and CEO of WebiMax.


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