Apple iPad mini On Sale Today – Apple Getting Too Confident?

Apple iPad mini On Sale Today – Apple Getting Too Confident?

Apple has released their smaller tablet version of the iPad, the mini.  The mini is available today for sale however does the price defeat the purpose?  The mobile and tablet market is thriving and virtually exploding!   In fact, tablets are set to surpass notebook growth in 2016.  Research conducted by Display Search indicates that tablets are expected to be the driving mechanism for the mobile market over the next 4 years.  With this extreme growth and demand for mobile and tablet devices, Apple decided to launch the iPad mini to compete with lesser expensive and smaller sized tablets.  However, many consumers feel the price they offered is a bit too aggressive for the mini tablet.

The full size iPad right now ranges from $499 to $829.  In order to stay competitive in this market and challenge the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (starting at $249), Kindle Fire HD (starting at $199) and the GoogleNexus (starting at $199), Apple released the iPad mini, ranging from $329 to $659.  With Apple’s product priced much higher than the competition, consumers are asking each other if Apple is asking for too much for the mini and furthermore if this is a sign the tech giant is becoming slightly over-confident in their pricing models.

When we look at the market share of the mobile and tablet market, understandably so we acknowledge that Apple has a commanding lead.  This lead, however is slipping away to Android-based devices.  According to the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, Apple had 81 percent market share in 2011 however that has been reduced to 52 percent for 2012 while Android-based devices have climbed to 48 percent for 2012.

The growth in competition has led Apple to release a smaller version of the iPad however the aggressive starting price may defeat that purpose.  Simply put, consumers are able to purchase the GoogleNexus (Android-based device) for more than $129 less than the iPad mini.

We want to know, do you feel the Apple mini is priced a bit too high and are you more inclined to purchase the iPad mini or another mini tablet device?

  • I think Apple is getting way too confident and comfortable in thinking they have the market figured out. GREAT post John thanks for the read!

  • Personally, I have an Android cell and an iPad so I don’t need another device. However, I am considering getting my Mom an easy-to-use “content consumption” device, but since she doesn’t need any of the bells and whistle’s, I’d probably go for something less expensive, or wait for the price to drop.

  • Me Myself

    Since when does Apple care what analysts or anyone else thinks about pricing. They have established themselves into a certain category and plan to stay there. While there may be many people who will say, “It’s just not a good value,” there wil be just as many that will continue to buy the products for themselves and their kids.

    When analysts start telling Mercedes to lower their prices to compete with the likes of Ford and Chevy, then maybe Apple will have to do the same. However, there will always be people who will perceive value where there is none ( a Mercedes is still just a car and is only arguably superior to alternatives ), so there is little for Apple to worry about.

  • Sara

    Too expensive! My phone is already basically a “mini iPad”

  • Drew J. Evans

    Apple has always been on top of the mobile market for this reason. They know what the consumer wants and has strived to keep their products on the cutting edge, despite being a bit pricey.

    However, I have a 1st generation iPad which I plan on keeping. My iPhone and iPod quench my need for a mid-size tablet. Curious to see how sales go on the mini.

    Nice read, John.

  • Rae Edwards

    My son asked for one for Christmas. I think they’re priced too high – especially when I can get 2 of another brand for the same price or less. There’s too much hype with Apple. I think they’re definitely over-confident. I wouldn’t be surprised if the priced dropped significantly for Holiday sales.

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  • Nick Walz

    Nice post John. This is still out of my price budget so I am hoping someone will be nice enough to give it to me for Christmas.

  • Lindsay Powell

    My husband and I are Apple owners. We have iPhones, and iPad, a Macbook, an iMac and a Mac Pro. Not to mention the series of iPhones and iPods we have had through the years.

    While we have had our share of PC products including netbooks, ereaders and more, I feel we are going to be Apple owners for a long time. Apple is pretty good about replacing items when they are broken or malfunctioning too. Which is a one-up on most of the tech industry manufacturers.

    Granted it’s more expensive, but I personally love Apple products. Most Apple owners will pay more for the Apple product because they like the product–at least that’s what I do.

  • Chris Countey

    Android for the win.

  • Would LOVE to get one for use with photography, small enough to fit in any camera bag with a big enough high res screen to proof with in the field.

  • Michael Herkert

    I would love to get the mini but I am on the fence because of the price. $299 and they would have a deal.

  • Patrick Whalen

    Good article. Personally, I’m more inclined to PC/android products. I enjoy my ipod, but if I were in the market for something like this, I’d either buy from a competitor or wait for the price to drop.

  • Reggie

    Good read. I’m not in the market for a mini, but I played with one and they’re pretty cool.

  • keywords

    One of the main factor why one would chose iPad mini is portability. Not all of us would want and has the space to carry a 10 inch tablet. Those who are fond of small things would go for iPad mini. It can save them some bucks plus space in their bags.

  • Adam C

    I have not fell into the trap yet of I- this and I -that products and keeping up. Have an android phone and an Acer tablet (also Android). Works well enough and the price is better than Apple.

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