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Ken's Master Tip 3 - Handling Negative Feedback

WebiMax PR Team, February 26, 2021

Ken Wisnefski: So your business got a bad review online. So what do you do? Just ignore it, right? Absolutely not. That's the worst thing you could possibly do. The best thing you wanna do is be able to respond almost immediately to any sort of negative feedback that comes from your consumers. You wanna be able to let them know you care about their feedback, you care about their opinion and write them back, let them know that you want to do better and find out what those challenges are, so you can show that you're continually improving your business and listening to what your customers want.

Need an Expert Contributor?

Ken Wisnefski is a seasoned web entrepreneur and a frequent contributor to news outlets and business publications. Ken’s vast knowledge of how to make online businesses succeed has made him a sought after consultant from businesses wishing to improve their online initiatives. Contact pr@webimax.com to collaborate!


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