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Manager Monday: Tips for Building Your Online Community and Earning Your Link Profile

Richard Ortiz, April 8, 2013

Over the years, link building has changed. Anonymity, once a tool of the trade, will no longer take you far. If you truly want a link building campaign to succeed, you need to stay two steps ahead of your competition and three steps ahead of Google.

No longer can you afford to do the bare minimum when building high quality backlinks. You need to make sure that your competitors cannot duplicate them. By building a relationship with a fellow website in your related industry niche, you will be able to reach out to an audience you were unable to before and receive a high quality backlink that will make Google give you goo-goo eyes. You'll also leave your competitor wondering how you got that perfect link.

Outreach emails are one method of building relationships, but they can be tricky.  So, for this Manager Monday, I thought I’d go over a few simple tips and tricks to make the job easier.

Simple Outreach
Let’s pretend you’ve done your research and have compiled the perfect list of websites you would like to reach out to in order for them to share your spectacular content.

First, let me start off by saying outreach isn’t easy. But it isn’t hard either.  Below you can find a few tips that will hopefully improve your email-to-link ratio.

  1. First and foremost, make sure your email is free of spelling and grammatical errors. There is nothing worse than receiving an email that sounds like it was put together by a third grader--or worse. Also, if the language you use isn’t your native tongue, own up to it. There should be no shame in being multilingual.
  2. What’s in it for them? Let’s be honest here; no one does anything for free. So why should the recipient link to you? If you can’t answer that question then they won’t be able to either. Don’t assume that they will be able to connect the dots. Do it for them. Perfectly lay out what they will get in return.
  3. Personalize. Make each and every email as unique as possible. Does this take a little extra time? Definitely. But the results speak for themselves. There is no point in sending out 1,000 cookie-cutter emails if you don't receive a single link in return.  In this day and age, spam is everywhere. Make your email stand out by talking about previous posts the recipient has done or by mentioning something they said on one of their social media profiles. Show them that you did your research and it will greatly increase your chances in either a link back or the beginning of a relationship.

Outreach Tools to Make the Job Easier

Buzzstream manages all of your link building needs. If you are unorganized, like me, this will be extremely useful.



Rapportive via Gmail
Rapporative is a Gmail plugin to help you manage your contact information.


Boomerang via Gmail
Boomerang is an easy-to-use Gmail plugin that will help you schedule emails and reminders--nothing like reaching out for a linking opportunity and missing out on it because you forgot to follow up.


Raven Tools
Since they discontinued their rank tracker, Ravel Tools has been updating older tools and offering new ones.  For outreach, I use their CRM and Link Manager.


And That’s It
To wrap it up: do your homework, make sure you don’t sound like a third grader and tell them how they benefit. That’s it. Like I said earlier, outreach isn’t easy but it isn’t hard either. Let me know if you have any questions about the above tools in the comments!

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