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How Do I Market My App?

Kenneth Wisnefski, September 26, 2014

Developers who are at the marketing stage of maximizing awareness for their products need to be familiar with app store optimization (ASO). Mobile device users typically resort to store searches first when looking for new apps of interest, and it should come as no surprise that 63 percent of new discoveries of mobile device applications are made through store browsing via keyword search.

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Store searches are the most important discovery route for finding apps. Marketers need to understand this, but they also need to understand that many optimization tactics will promote their products through other marketing channels as well. Some carryover benefits of ASO methods include increased social network exposure and even some SEO lift on search engines like Google and Bing.


Similarities between ASO and SEO

The concept of app store optimization should sound very familiar to those who are already experienced with online marketing. ASO is simply app store specific optimization, as opposed to the more established and widely applicable tactics of search engine optimization (SEO).

There are some similarities between ASO and SEO; however, one notable difference is that Google is the only major player in SEO. But in the world of mobile applications, marketers need to consider both Google Play and the Apple iOS store. Of course, developers may only need to focus on one or the other if they produce programs designed exclusively for Android or iOS.


Most important ASO factors

Factors that will make a major impact when it comes to ASO marketing include an app's title, description, and targeted keywords. One of the first steps to optimizing for ASO is determining which keywords mobile device users will input to locate an application with functions like yours. Once you've determined the most relevant keyword, you should make efforts to include this keyword in your app title. According to Apptentive, including keywords in the title can increase ASO rankings by over 10 percent.

The description you create to help consumers to locate your product is somewhat equivalent to the meta description tag you optimize for your webpages. Take some time to develop the best possible description, explaining what your program's functions are and what the advantages of using it happen to be.


Other considerations

There are three other factors that developers interested in app store optimization should take into account: brand image, downloads, and rankings/reviews.

Establishing a strong brand image can improve ASO rank and lead to increased recognition of your product and company among consumers. You need to create an appropriate icon that will be readily identifiable with your products. Also, you need to properly classify your app as either an "application" or a "game" with Google.

Two factors that influence your ASO rankings but are a bit harder to control are the number of downloads and ratings/reviews for your app. Here is where a targeted Social Media campaign can increase exposure and amplification so that more users download your product. You can often encourage users to leave reviews and ratings by giving incentives for them to do so across social channels or in your app itself.


Combining optimization techniques

Ideally, you should combine your SEO, SEM, and ASO strategies to take advantage of all sources of publicity on the Web. If you're interested in consulting with an Internet marketing authority that can help you capitalize on optimization techniques, contact WebiMax to learn more.

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