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You Deserve Great Web-side Manner from an Online Marketing Company

admin, January 18, 2012

I recently scheduled a visit to the eye doctor; I can't see two feet beyond without corrective lenses but I behold some insight regarding human nature and "customer" service.  I sought the services of the eye doctor because I had a need, yet the service provider exhibited horrific customer service, "misplacing" my records, making me wait over forty-five minutes (I arrived ten minutes before my scheduled appt) then wait another fifteen minutes in an inner-office room (the second waiting room), ultimately offering no sentiment of apology or recognition of the value of my time and as a patient (consumer), as if I was inextricably under the mercy of my circumstances.  I'm not; I changed doctors after my experience.

While an online marketing company addresses primary needs of clients, it's important to expect a level of recognition, respect, and Web-side manner from your SEO providers.


Sometimes we seek the assistance of doctors because we're immediately sick, while other times we go for "checkups."  When you first approach an online marketing company, you should expect an initial analysis.  SEO practitioners will analyzed the present condition of your site, diagnosing immediate issues and providing suggestions as to how to make sites healthier, attracting more exposure and better rankings.

Would a doctor state you're sick if you're not?  Would a doctor suggest unneeded medicine?  Not a legitimate doctor, thus nor would a provider exhibiting proper, initial Web-side manner.

Strategy Development

What if you went to the doctor and were diagnosed with an ongoing condition?  You would want your experienced professional to help you develop a strategy to heal, improving your present condition.  Expect the same level of concern and strategic provisions from an online marketing company.  However, you want to communicate in terms you understand, free of SEO jargon and IT-centric speak.

A provider needs to clearly illustrate your needs then develop an easy-to-ascertain strategy to resolve Web-related issues.


Some things you can do on your own, such as take medicine, in other cases, professional implementation is required.  You wouldn't do surgery on yourself, would you?  Unfortunately, there are some Web masters, with little search engine optimization understanding and experience, who go ahead, implementing their own tactics, in some cases, making their Web sites increasingly in need of "professional" attention.


After some time, conditions improve and the immediacy of concern ebbs.  Additionally, you may learn more about your respective state of health, better understanding how to self manage.  While some services provided by an online marketing company are "evergreen" needs, others do have a lifespan and end while others can be self managed or facilitated by SEO consulting.


I have bad news and good news.  Let's start with the bad; it's likely your brand's Web site and online marketing methods are "sick" or "unhealthy," in need of wellness and medicine.  The good news is an online marketing company can make you better.  However, realize you have options; choose a provider exhibiting excellent Web-side manner.  You and your brand deserve it.

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