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S(eo)unday Roundup

admin, March 4, 2012

Aloha, readers, from the snow-capped terrains of rocky-mountainous Colorado.  I was jeeping my way through the western country and missed the latter portion of the week in online marketing.  Okay.   I admit.  I snuck some peeks in on my Android.  I can't stay away.  Let's see what treats online marketers left for us on the trail.



Have you viewed WebiMax and SEOservices insights on YouTube?  Did you catch sight of our Casual Friday video?  "Maxers" discuss Google's new algorithm modifications.

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Online Optimization Community

Rand Fishkin offers practical tips in his Whiteboard Friday post on guest blogging strategies.  When approaching an influential source, ensure you're adding to the community and have a frame of reference.

Such sentiments were present in Chris Winfield's post on 92 Ways to Get Press Coverage.  Are you searching for press or contributing?  It's a tough but crucial question to ask before barking for coverage.

Are you accomplishing intended keyword goals?  How closely have you inspected negative keywords?  Keri Morgret organized a spectacular post on the subject last week.

How are you getting information in modern times?  Clearly, info is issued faster on the Web.  Newspapers had to make the digital leap but at what cost to you?  Read Danny Sullivan's post on the Wall Street Journal.

Miranda Miller discusses how to mentally catalog and consider Google+ in her Search Engine Watch post.  (Thanks to Wayne Barker for the Twitter tipoff on the read.)

Speaking of tips offs for reads, Rand Fishkin and Dharmesh Shah created inbound.org, a place for sharing online optimization articles.  The community, open to all but heavily populated with members of the online industry, has quickly become a great resource for finding 'missed' reads.


Business News Sunday 3-4-12

How did Yelp do during its first day of public trading (Friday)?

Pro Hockey promotes equality in sports

Tech Crunch revisits the 2011 of the Panda (post from Saturday)

WSJ on Twitter, Facebook, and Space Invaders?


That's what I have.  Did you read something inspiring, which needs more attention?  Leave a comment.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Read you tomorrow!

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