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Are SEO Firms and Clients Landing on the Same Page?

admin, January 9, 2012

I read a good post today related to clients and their respective search engine optimization providers.  The author raises a good point, pointing focus to a sometimes-divide in understanding taking place between clients and SEO providers, especially regarding "results."  Both parties have responsibilities to foster understanding.  Providers must illustrate the usefulness and effectiveness of services and clients must clearly relay expectations and areas of need.  Of course, it's an ongoing process; regular communication is always paramount in any kind of marketing campaign. 

From the onset, interested business owners, seeking services, need to foster their own understanding of SEO and ask questions when necessary.  Additionally, it's beneficial for novices to consider the following information related to the industry.

What is YOUR Definition of Results?
A client's definition of good results may differ from that of providers.  Both parties may be correct and secure in their own definition, yet both need same-page understanding.  Interested SEO clients need to express their definition of results.

For instance, a client may desire immediate traffic due to a newly-released product.  The client has a vague understanding of search engine optimization, and desires first-page listings on major SEs regarding a competitive term, representing the product; their definition of results is first-page listings within a month.  A provider must effectively communicate the rift between the client's wishes and white-hat reality, explaining SEO is not a race.  Hopefully, the parties can come to an understanding and the client can properly modify their original definition of results.

Mold Your SEO Campaign
Think of search engine optimization services as a ball of clay.  Using consultations and suggestions of providers, clients use available resources to sculpt a customized campaign.  Every business is unique regarding services and products offered, age, aspiring direction, and immediate and long-term needs.  A growing list of services, all facilitating online success, may be of interest.

For instance, WebiMax is an SEO provider, offering a multitude of online marketing services, which depending on a client's level of understanding, may not be immediately recognized as useful.  For example, those in the industry know social media engagement is a great way to drive traffic, boost exposure, and facilitate campaign results.  However, if you're a small business owner, engrossed in your business, with little time to read up on the industry and social media, Twitter and Facebook may represent nothing but "those sites kids use."  Well, if the small business produces products or services used by the younger generation, considering the owner's definition, social media engagement is a good idea, yet those in the industry know social media can indefinitely benefit business entities of all shapes and sizes.  Hopefully, a provider can clearly explain the scope of all services and associated benefits to clients with limited understanding.

In a perfect world, providers clearly illustrate the scope of services and realistic results while clients relay understanding and align their definition of results with that of providers.  It's essential to establish clear communication with providers of interest.  In some cases, a business owner has the time to directly and regularly speak with providers.  In other cases, where the client is a bigger business, a representative or ongoing liaison is essential.

It's not uncommon for clients and SEO providers to land on different pages, have opposing views, and different definitions of results.  However, ongoing communication keeps the train on the tracks, with little opportunity for derailment or a rift in client-provider understanding.

Thanks for reading.

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