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Executives and Consumers Trading Places?

admin, December 20, 2011

Would it be benefit your brand if consumers traded places with its executives?  I don't literally expect executives to become consumers of their own brand; but, I encourage them to think like customers often and much.  Empathy is the ability to relate to another person as if you're "walking in their shoes."  Ensure your marketing objectives spawn from empathetic sentiments.

Immediate Aha!

Is it easier to make good progress on a Rubik's Cube before ascertaining the purpose of your product or service?  Why?  L. da Vinci was not an online marketing guru, but he was a smart guy, relaying, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."  Don't make it difficult for your consumers to understand the usefulness of goods and services; facilitate the immediate, "Aha!"  Good marketing introduces a consumer-relatable issue, and then introduces a brand's product/service as the solution to the issue.

Let's use Lava Soap as an example.  There's no mystery here; it's a heavy-duty hand cleaner.  It cleans your hands…better than soap – easy to ascertain and remember.


It's hard to find a vertical void of competition, necessitating distinction between competitors' respective products and services.  Are your marketing sentiments charged with elements of distinction?  Why not?  Think like a customer.  There are multiple options available; why would a consumer be intrigued by your option?  What makes your product/service different and how does the difference make for a better consumer experience?

Remember the Nerf Turbo football?  There were tons of footballs to choose from at the time, but Nerf made the turbo different.

The Next Generation

Does your company produce time-sensitive products/services, susceptible to losing consumer interest as new technology enters the market?  Do you relay a long-term sentiment to customers regarding the product/service, ensuring the brand will update, make modifications, and produce next generation products/services?  Why not?  Successful brands seek long-term customers, facilitating such relations, by focusing on long-term production.

Apple is a great example.  Apple consumers know upgraded gadgets are on the way; and they faithfully wait…even campout.


A modern-day consumer, with access to multiple social media platforms, is likely to prefer a brand with personality.  Are you devoting business time to social media platforms?  Why not?  Aside from new, social paid advertising platforms, the marketing process is free.  Secondly, now is such a convenient time to engage social media sites; businesses have access to multiple, social tools, making it easy to align brands with target markets.  What kind of brand-to-consumer interactions do you appreciate as a consumer?  Are you offering the same kind of dynamic and enjoyment to your markets?

I'm a jiu-jitsu advocate but not a huge fan of the UFC.  However, I am a huge fan of their social media participation.  The brand does an excellent job of regularly offering media, spawning conversations, and facilitating a community.

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