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Small List of Big Ideas for Your Public Relations Campaign

admin, February 10, 2010

Continuously read blogs, daily papers, and magazines

Most likely, you gravitate towards information about your industry. Just about any business is addressed on and offline in some journalistic fashion. Get to know specific writers and the kinds of information and stories they relate to the public. You may be able to offer yourself or your company as an expert cited source in an article.

In addition, most magazines have editorial calendars, which alert you of upcoming story topics. Your business can be proactive and offer insight for an eventual piece. Bloggers may also have a set list of topics to cover in the future; it may be wise to ask them.

Join organizations

Junior and senior-level executives may benefit the company by joining organizations pertaining to specific industries or joining a business organization such as their local Chamber of Commerce. Events are usually planned inviting opportunities to meet other professionals, spread the word about your company, intrigue potential investors and partners, etc.

Orchestrate fundraisers and events

Every business seeks exposure. Exposure helps brand the company and keep its name in the long-term memory of the mass public. Hosting fundraisers and other events facilitates a company's acclaim. It shows the company is interested in giving back to the public and provides a platform for the public to interact with the company brand. Hosting events are especially beneficial for local businesses that would like to begin and strengthen relationships with local customers.

Elect Company and Executives

The business world hosts a large number of business awards. Use a search engine to search for business award sites, such as the Stevies, and nominate your company and its executives. In addition, you can search for state and local award sites. It creates another goal for your company to achieve and provides proof of your company's recognition and excellence in your industry if you win.

Write Press Releases

Press releases can serve multiple purposes. It is advantageous to attempt to have one release achieve many. A press release:

- can be sent to local and nation-wide reporters and editors. Remember to write a newsworthy press release; otherwise, your release won't get featured anywhere.
-can feature multimedia such as sound and video clips. Clips augment the information contained in the content of the text.
-can be used for SEO purposes using your company's keywords and phrases
- educate the public about upcoming, company events

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