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Act Now on Pay-per-Click (PPC) Vacation Rentals

admin, March 20, 2012


It's March 20; spring is springing.  Have you planned a vacation?  What about a break from organic search?  Have you moved on down the pay-per-click road yet?  I like to think of PPC as the vacation-rental home of search engine optimization; high costs and needed diligence usually limit longevity of accounts; yet, brands find the experience effective in achieving exposure and increased revenue.

You MUST have heard about changes on the Google horizon.  Rather than panic and take novice action, I suggest brands steer attention to reliable SEO consultant sources, professionals who can clearly explain the situation, in your terms.  Unfortunately, anxiety leads to novice action, which leads to poor (ironic) results; this is a dynamic influencing many SEO beginners.  It doesn't have to be you!

The Bad of Organic
There's good and bad observations to be had on just about any topic.  Search engine optimization is celebrated because it helps brands increase exposure, helping companies find desired markets.  It also helps consumers field desired goods and services.  However, natural search is ultimately judged by search engine algorithms.  Modifications, updates, and penalties take place; some think these changes are fair while others entertain different views.

To truly understand the dynamic between search engines (like Google), brands (SEO clients), and users (all of us), please read our blog post on search; he does a very good job at succinctly explaining the industry and its effectiveness.

The Good of Organic
Yes, the process is slow, not entirely static and sometimes unexplainable; but, natural search engine optimization works in creating more exposure.  I write about branding a lot, the overall impression created by a company upon its market and beyond.  SEO (and more exposure), facilitates branding in many ways:

-          It introduces key executives to the public

-          It gives a brand a voice and personality

-          It enables introduction and proper instruction regarding services and products

-          It ingrains brands in respective target markets' long-term memory (IMO – the ultimate goal of natural search is to create brand-centric habits; what's better, vying for keywords or having an informed target market come straight to your site for needs?)

But, like buying a home, it takes some time to settle in, to engage in a community.

The Vacation of PPC
Take a vacation from anxieties and concerns connected to organic results; consider implementing PPC management into your overall online marketing campaign.  As referenced above, it does demand diligence and dollars (depending on your vertical).  Many brands celebrate the notion due to an easy-to-trace ROI.  Three Deep wrote a good post on working dollars recently; the post strengthens suggestions relayed here.  Can you run a business leveraging pay-per-click alone?  I'm not sure about that; it would definitely make sense to include natural optimization (you eventually 'pay off' that home; you'll always have to rent your PPC vacation home).  Continue interest in natural SEO, but definitely inquire about mixing in pay-per-click management as well.


Do you have questions about upcoming Google changes, natural search engine optimization, or pay-per-click services?  Please contact WebiMax; we're here to inform and help.  Continue to read our SEO blog for regularly-updated SEO information.

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